Cadbury ONE Vending Hot Chocolate

With the Introduction of Cadbury ONE vending Hot Chocolate; Cadbury aim to improve on the former vending chocolate Cadbury Top Choc.

Consumers in the UK love frothy milky drinks, but coffee is not everyone’s first choice… we can bring more consumers back to hot chocolate category with a new improved recipe.

With an easier to handle bag design and significant changes to operational simplicity Cadbury have sought to make Cadbury ONE a higher quality and cost efficient product than Cadbury top Choc.

UK consumers use Cadbury Drinking chocolate the most often and it is their favourite hot chocolate brand. Source IPSOS, BHT May 2013.

How close is new Cadbury Hot chocolate taste to Cadbury Drinking Chocolate?

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is prepared with milk and the new Cadbury hot chocolate is prepared with water so there is a significant difference in taste. But a internal sensory panel has concluded that new Cadbury One blend is closer to Cadbury Drinking Chocolate than Top Choc and the performance is comparably good to Dispense when comparing Dispense versus Cadbury Drinking Chocolate.

New Cadbury One blend is also being extended into 3 additional formats.

Kenco Incup, Kenco Singles, and Kenco 2go



Why we don’t sell loose Individual Tassimo T Discs or Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods.

As the popularity of coffee pods rises and the internet becomes awash with sellers looking to offer convenience at a good price to the customer. Many sellers figure a unique selling point is to offer pods and capsules in an assortment of quantities.

These varying offers on Tassimo T Discs and Nespresso compatible pods can seem at first to be great deals on the surface. But as these are food items it is important that the sellers best practices reflect that of the manufacturer’s wishes.

Buying loose tdiscs and capsules means the product could easily be out of date.

Products such as Tassimo T Discs and Nespresso pods only carry a Best Before Date on the outer packaging of the product.

As the best before date is not printed in the inner packaging or on the pods/tdiscs themselves, buying a bag of loose T Discs/pods could result in the product having varying best before dates. Some of which could be short dated or worst still out of date discs.

Coffee Supplies Direct Ltd is one of the few suppliers of capsules pods and discs that are able to buy direct from the manufacturer.

With this in mind forging a strong relationship to provide the quality and assurance the manufacture expects from its resellers. We therefore would strongly recommend that buying all pods discs and capsules as they are packaged buy the manufacturer.

For our full range of Tassimo Tdiscs or Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods  visit Coffee Supplies Direct